• Red Rage Exito Safari

    Exito Safari

    *Nahak Motors
    • 80-100 Mileage (KM/Charge)
    • 48V/900-1250 Power ( Watt)
    Check Stock Availability
    Check Stock Availability
    Another vehicle with a different seating arrangement, it can be used within resorts and for park Safari's. Two passengers sit facing forward and two passengers sit back to back facing backwards. A perfect vehicle for a joy ride or for regular commuting.

    Model - EXITO Safari

    Top Speed 20-25 km/h
    Continued Trip Mileage 80-100 km


    Charger Voltage 220 V,50 HZ
    Charging Time 6-8 Hours
    Motor Type Brusheless DC (BLDC)
    Power (watt) 48V / 900 - 1250 Watt
    Max Load Capacity 400 kg
    N.W 390 kg


    Front Wheel 90-90/12
    Rear Wheel 90-90/12
    Ground Clearance 250 mm


    Climbing Ability 15 Degree
    Brake Type Double rear
    drum brake
    No. of Passenger 1+4
    Chassis MS Tubular Construction.
    Body FRP (Fibre Reinforce Polymer/MS )
    Spare Wheel Common wheel can replace
    front or back wheels
    Speed 25 Kms per hour
    Mileage 80-100 Kms per charge
    Battery 100/120/140 AH
    Charger 12-15 Ampere Auto cut
    Electricity Consumption 3-4 units


    Length 2800
    Width 990
    Height 1750
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